Want to know why people climb?

We’re sure that people will give you all sorts of reasons for why they climb:  “I climb for sport.”  “Me, well I climb for recreation.”  “Climbing is great exercise for me.”  But in all seriousness, you know it.  And we know it.  Climbing is just Awesome!!

Whether you want to climb for sport, recreation or exercise; when you climb with ON BELAY, you learn through an amazing educational experience.  Our climbing approach is based on the three key principles: respect the environment; provide the best education for safe climbing and to instill trust in yourself and fellow climbers.  These principles are why you should look for a guide with loads of experience and formal training.  A guide should be well versed and have a rigorous training schedule that keeps him – or her – abreast of the latest guide techniques and safety systems. ON BELAY’s lead climbing guide is a member and certified guide of the Professional Climbing Instructors Association (PCIA) and an American Mountain Guides Association member (AMGA).  Awesome! 

All proceeds from On Belay Climbing trips and CruX clothing sales to go Lets Erase the Stigma. Lets Erase the Stigma

On Belay: Rock Climbing and Outdoor Education is a nonprofit division of the children's charity Let's Erase the Stigma Educational Foundation (LETS). Payments for climbing trips with On Belay are tax-deductible because all proceeds directly fund the LETS mission to help kids erase the stigma of mental illness! We make your climbing experience even more awesome since 100% of your contribution supports an amazing cause: changing the perception of mental illness for every generation. Help the kids of Generation LETS grow, talk openly, and erase the stigma! How can you help? You can start with a climb!

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