Climbing with ON BELAY?  Safety first.

We begin every climb with a detailed lesson on the various pieces of equipment and explain their purpose for ensuring your safety while climbing.  Whether it be the anchor you’re tied into, or the type of knot attached to your climbing harness, you’ll have a solid understanding of climbing safely.  Our motto is “Safety First, and Fun Second” because without “safety” there can’t be much “fun.” Safety is paramount with ON BELAY. 

All climbers with ON BELAY receive one-on-one face time from our lead guide to ensure that equipment is being worn properly and that everyone understands how to work his/her role in the safety system.  Think of it as a beautifully choreographed dance for safety.  This in-depth education is standard with ON BELAY.  We take pride in offering such detailed instruction because we all benefit in the end.  Isn’t that awesome?!

All proceeds from On Belay Climbing trips and CruX clothing sales to go Lets Erase the Stigma. Lets Erase the Stigma

On Belay: Rock Climbing and Outdoor Education is a nonprofit division of the children's charity Let's Erase the Stigma Educational Foundation (LETS). Payments for climbing trips with On Belay are tax-deductible because all proceeds directly fund the LETS mission to help kids erase the stigma of mental illness! We make your climbing experience even more awesome since 100% of your contribution supports an amazing cause: changing the perception of mental illness for every generation. Help the kids of Generation LETS grow, talk openly, and erase the stigma! How can you help? You can start with a climb!

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