Inhale.  Exhale.  Inhale.  Exhale.  That’s not how you build your core.  Climbing is how you do it!     

ON BELAY climbing guides teach you how to work the stabilizing muscles that run the entire length of your torso.  Sounds good, right?  Yes, it does!  Your core muscles consist of: abdominals, transverse abdominus muscles, external obliques, internal obliques and spinal erectors.  Many fancy words to describe your core muscles, but what’s really cool is that with ON BELAY you get to use each-and-every one of them.  Serious!  We teach you how to use these muscles for establishing a solid foundation of fluid movement during any type of climb.  Why?  The core muscles are the center of our body’s strength and power, and that’s where all of the body’s movements begin.  We focus on strengthening your core during a heart-healthy and safe activity.  Climbing with ON BELAY is like a beautiful and graceful dance, with a partner you trust to lead.

All proceeds from On Belay Climbing trips and CruX clothing sales to go Lets Erase the Stigma. Lets Erase the Stigma

On Belay: Rock Climbing and Outdoor Education is a nonprofit division of the children's charity Let's Erase the Stigma Educational Foundation (LETS). Payments for climbing trips with On Belay are tax-deductible because all proceeds directly fund the LETS mission to help kids erase the stigma of mental illness! We make your climbing experience even more awesome since 100% of your contribution supports an amazing cause: changing the perception of mental illness for every generation. Help the kids of Generation LETS grow, talk openly, and erase the stigma! How can you help? You can start with a climb!

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