ON BELAY offers different climbing programs that are just awesome! 

Awesome Beginnings is all about the fundamentals.  The best climbing program for starting out, you leave Awesome Beginnings with an understanding of basic risk management and the fundamentals of rock – or wall – climbing with respect to rhythm, balance and movement.  Never climbed before or looking for a refresher?  Awesome Beginnings is just for you! 

Awesome Core is the next step.  You’ve learned the fundamentals.  The basics are now second nature.  It’s time to take the next step.  For the experienced, intermediate climber, Awesome Core is the natural progression in ON BELAY’s climbing programs.  Learn the next level of dynamic skills in a team-building scenario or on a multi-pitch route at one of California’s great climbing spots.  ON BELAY will even go a step future and customize Awesome Core to meet your desires.  Yeah, we’re awesome.   

Awesome Crack.  Are you ready for this?  ON BELAY’S Awesome Crack climbing program is the ultimate for the most experienced and daring climber.  Picture it:  your hands, your feet and the rock.  We start you off in our outdoor Crack ‘atelier’ where you are taught how to create “holds” using your feet and every aspect of your hands on our Crack ladder.  You learn the subtleties of crack climbing, eventually building your very own repertoire of Awesome Crack climbing techniques.

All proceeds from On Belay Climbing trips and CruX clothing sales to go Lets Erase the Stigma. Lets Erase the Stigma

On Belay: Rock Climbing and Outdoor Education is a nonprofit division of the children's charity Let's Erase the Stigma Educational Foundation (LETS). Payments for climbing trips with On Belay are tax-deductible because all proceeds directly fund the LETS mission to help kids erase the stigma of mental illness! We make your climbing experience even more awesome since 100% of your contribution supports an amazing cause: changing the perception of mental illness for every generation. Help the kids of Generation LETS grow, talk openly, and erase the stigma! How can you help? You can start with a climb!

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